VLC media player 3.0.4

Free and open-source multimedia player with streaming capabilities developed by the VideoLAN project

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VLC media player 3.0.4
VLC media player 2.1.5

As evidenced by its name, VLC Media Player is a media playback program with tons of features. The average computer user has run into problems playing certain audio or video files at least once. Many users run into this problem on a regular basis. Unfortunately, downloading individual codecs and formats for these files is a headache. VLC Media Player solves this problem by supporting dozens of common video and audio formats so that users rarely have to worry about whether playback will work or not.

A Simple Program With Loads of Compatibility

When VLC Media Player is launched, users are presented with a basic interface. They'll see a playback window, which is empty if no files are being played. However, various drop down menus hide the program's extra features and customization options. Users either drag and drop files to play them, or they can open files within the program. Playback will begin immediately for compatible files, whether it's audio or video.

The true charm of VLC is the fact that the overwhelming majority of files will play. Its entire point is that all common file formats are supported. For that reason, users should rarely expect to see an error message or experience playback problems. VLC Media Player even supports more obscure audio and video formats, unlike the most popular media players. Plus, new formats are added with each update to ensure smooth playback.

VLC Media Player Offers Features, Features, and More Features

VLC's main feature is its near-complete support for video and audio formats. Then again, the program includes tons of other features for regular users. A handful of streaming services are integrated into VLC Player. Users can access this content with a few clicks, and more streaming channels are added regularly. On top of that, support for Blu Ray and HD DVDs is included, with the latter being unsupported in most players.

Should you download VLC Media Player today?

In many ways, VLC Media Player is the best media player on the market. Users can download the program for Windows computers without paying a dime. A simple user interface and excellent performance are commendable here. Of course, it should be noted competing media players may have more advanced features for editing audio/video files.

Either way, the VLC Player should be considered the go-to solution for video and audio playback. Not all files are encoded using a common format these days. Users won't have to worry about individual codecs while using VLC Media Player. Recommending this particular program is a no-brainer, and most people will use the program from time to time. For some users, VLC Player might be launched every day for playback.


  • Despite wide feature set, the program is free.
  • Program lets you stop downloading random codecs.
  • Even supports Blu Ray and HD DVD playback, and incomplete video file playback.


  • User interface might be too simplistic for some users.
  • A couple of paid alternatives come with more advanced features and settings.

The VLC Media Player is a lightweight program designed specifically to support as many different video file formats as possible without requiring the user to hunt down codecs. Dealing with a dozen or so different formats for your video collection quickly takes the fun out of watching shows and movies on the computer. VLC offers BluRay decoding if your computer has the appropriate drive, and it supports the playback of HD files. There is no need to set aside a lot of hard drive space because the compact package requires little storage room or processing power.

This media player offers quite a few advanced features for a free program. The ability to view incomplete files and stream content from a variety of live providers will surprise you. Support for a range of TV cards is also integrated. Viewers that love international material will enjoy the easy subtitle support, which relies on the open source .SRT format. Of course, this program doubles as a solution for listening to all of your favorite music files as well. A graphic equalizer and visualization feature makes VLC a complete multimedia solution. It works equally well for both Mac and Windows operating systems.

The Good

- Offers built-in support for .WAV, .REAL, .MP3, .MKV, .VOB, .FLAC, .DIVX, .WMV, .AVI, .MOV, and many more video formats

- Allows for control of music and video files with easy to change hotkeys

- Skin support to give you a chance to adjust the visual look of your program

- Immediate download and installation of necessary codecs begins when a new file is loaded

The Bad

- Interface is rather basic, but features you might need regularly are hidden in menus that are hard to find

- Mac version of the program has a better looking interface and more advanced controls than the PC version

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